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Thank you for believing in the vision and mission of New Beginning Tabernacle by giving.  As a charitable non-profit organization, the ministries of New Beginning are funded by your gifts  and we take your decision to trust us with your financial gifts very seriously.  By giving, you are allowing us the opportunity to carry out our mission and vision that God has called 

us to as a  church: to reach, teach and help others in the name of our Lord.  


If you have any questions concering ways to give, please call the New Beginning Tabernacle church office at  434.929.1343. 





To proceed with your online giving, click the DONATE button.  New Beginning accepts payments through Paypal. This is a safe and secure way to give to the ministries of New Beginning.   If this is your first time contributing, please include your address and phone number.  



Contributions can also be mailed to New Beginning Tabernacle, P.O. Box 449, Madison Heights, VA 24572. 

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New Beginning Tabernacle is a not-for-profit religious organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions by donors are tax deductible under the current provisions of the Internal Revenue Code.  The Church will  provide statements of actual contributions for the year for use by individuals in documenting their charitable contributions on their individual income tax returns. Please ensure we have your current address when submitting online contribution. Cash gifts are included in statements to the extent the Church is able to identify the donor.  

Deduction is usually limited to the year of the actual gift.

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