Gideons International is a non-profit organization founded in 1899 and serves as an extended missionary arm of the church and is the oldest Christian business and professional men's association in the United States. Dedicated to Bible distribution and evangelism, the Gideons International is generously supported by pastors and churches, who realize that an indispensable element in winning people to Christ is to present them with the gospel message.  Every dollar contributed by members of the church is used to make it possible for others to have their own copies of God's Word. The Gideons are responsible for placing a very large quantity of bibles in hotel rooms and hospitals all across the country.  Click here for more information.



One can of food can be the difference in someone having a meal.  Each week the people in our congregation bring in 1 can of food to help feed the hungry in the Amherst County Area.  Support is also provided to the local Food Bank.







Our KIDS ROCK! program also supports St. Jude Hospital and the Salvation Army.

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